Why 24 isn’t 30

When you’re 24 you might have a degree but not a career.

You have debt, but not enough for a chance at a good credit score.

You are afraid of moving forward, but more afraid of being stagnant.

Your friends are either way behind, right there with you, or way ahead. You know what I mean. It’s the bar every weekend, accomplished but not settled, or married with kids.

You haven’t reached a quarter life crises, but you’re damn close.

You value your spirituality, but sometimes it takes way too much discipline. I could either feel all the feelings or seek my source of wisdom, strength and peace. Feel all the feelings it is.

You’ve moved 3 times in the past 4 years. You just want to live somewhere.

You don’t want to live somewhere. You want to travel the world and take advantage of the 20’s everyone raves about. Yet you can’t, because you don’t have good credit, or a career that pays enough to get good credit.

You envisioned your 20’s doing all the 20 something things 20 somethings do. Go to clubs, have sex with the wrong people, get some credit card debt, have a revelation about your chosen faith and settle down with nice partner. Then they invented Netflix. And Hulu. And God help me HBO on top of it. Now we stay in, swipe right (or left), binge the best series, and call it a night.

You are a Kendrick Lamar lover by day, and a closet Bieber fan by night. Just some nights okay?

You eat way too many processed foods, go to the gym religously or not at all, listen to music way too loud, and never balance your checkbook.

You will spend more time on facebook, instagram, twitter, and netflix than you ever should and you will feel like it should probe regret, but it usually won’t.

24 definitely isn’t 30 but it’s all you.



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