Dusty Journals

The dusty journals. You know the ones I’m talking about. The cheap paper books you started to write in but never finished. Your parents passive attempt to encourage a venue for self expression and privacy. We have all received those journals, and for many of us, those journals never made it.

I am starting this blog in honor of all the journals that never made it to 24 with me. The internet is a fascinating yet dangerous arena where words follow you for life. You can’t leave the internet in a box, throw it away after miscellaneous entry attempts, or leave it to rot in the bottom drawer of your night stand.

Thankfully, and, unfortunately all it will take is a mere reset of a password or username via email and my personal thoughts resurface. Perhaps this time I can do it. To the many people in my life who have listened to my endless thought process, I owe a great gratitude. Many of them would be relieved I am constructing my thoughts via blog.

So here’s to the good days, the bad days, carb days, grandma days, dog days, days I hate the government, photography days, spiritual and not so spiritual days, and everything inbetween.


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